• Do I have to buy additional plug-ins for on-line store and appointments?
    No. Gowizi is an all-in-one tool, all featues are part of the package.
  • Are your transactions secure?
    Yes. All browser to server transaction are SSL encrypted, meaning that all bookings and shoppings activities are fully secured.
  • I have my own domain. How an I use it with Gowizi?
    You can easily connect the website created with Gowizi to your domain. From the side bar menu select Settings - Domains - Customize your web address - Your own domain name. Enter your domain name, and the system will guide you through the process.
  • Do I pay separately for domain hosting?
    In all paid plans, domain hosting is included in the monthly fee. In the free plan, domain hosting is free for a full year. After one year, you can upgrade to one of the paid plans.
  • The features look ok to me. What is required in order to adapt the software to my brand?
    Gowizi's interface is friendly and easy to operate, and does not require any programming knowledge at all. The softwware includes many templates, which you can download and easily adapt to your precise needs.
  • There are many appointment and on-line shopping softwares on the market. What makes you so special?
    The big advantage of Gowizi is our "connected business" concept. All features are integrated into a single program, meaning that you will never have to pay for another plug-in, or pay additional fees for hosting, traffic or on-line payment facilities (depending on the plan you select).
  • How can I create developer accounts?
    In order to publish apps you’ll need to create your own developer account. In addition you will need to fill-in our publishing form that includes information requested by App and Google Stores. Our support team will take it from there and publish your app for your business and customers. Click on the following links for more information on how to create your developer accounts: Google Play Apple Developer Program
  • What are the costs of updates and new features?
    Nothing it’s FREE! Core updates ensuring that the app is compatible with new iOS or Android versions or enabling newly released features are done by us free of charge.
  • How long does it take to get my app published?
    After your developer account has been approved for the App Store you selected, our support team will review all the information. After completing this, the App will be uploaded to the App Stores you selected. It usually takes around 72 hours to complete the submission by our team but be aware: The App Stores have a processing and review time before publishing your app. The review time of the Google Play Store (for Android) is fast (2-5 days), but the approval of Apple can take up to three weeks, sometimes even more.
  • When do I start paying for my app/website?
    You only start to pay our monthly subscription fee once your app has been submitted to Apple Store and/or Google Play Store.
  • What mobile platforms do you support?
    We support both Apple iOS and Android mobile platforms.
  • What does Gowizi provide?
    In our Premium plan, we provide a native app for Apple and Android smartphones and tablets in order to get the best user experience and native functionality for your customers. In all other plans, we provide a fully responsive website, based on your app’s design. All plans include appointments, on-line shop and customer management, and differ by the number of entities which can be handled.
  • What do I get by purchasing the app?
    You’ll get a native app for Apple and Android mobile devices for the best user experience with full content management, a rich set of app features and free updates and upgrades. In addition, you will get a matching, fully responsive website.
  • What does my subscription include?
    Your subscription includes the best value for money solution on the market. A native Apple iOS and Android app. A fully responsive, matching website. The most advanced and comprehensive built-in feature set including M-commerce, global payment methods, appointment scheduler, coupons, gallery, social feeds, videos, forms, call to action, and more. Unlimited push notifications (for apps only). Unlimited access to app admin and content. Dedicated support by our A-team. Unlimited app download. Advanced dashboard. App publishing support Free updates & upgrades
  • What are the benefits of purchasing a yearly plan?
    A yearly plan will cost you 20% less than 12 monthly plans.
  • How long is my committment when I purchase a plan??
    When you purchase a monthly plan, your contract length is one month, and you will be billed automatically on a monthly basis.
  • What happens with my data if I cancel my subscription?
    If you cancel your subscription, your site will be taken off the air, but all your data will stay intact. This will enable you to restart your activities immediately with all your previous data, by just renewing your subscription.
  • What are the benefits of your free plan?
    As its name suggests, our free plan is absolutely free. It will let you gain experience with our software, and once you are satisfied, you can move to a higher plan by a click of a button. The free plan offers appointments, shop products and staff accounts suitable for a beginning business, and oamin hosting is free for one year. Please check our pricing plans for full details.
  • What are the benefits of your Premium plan?
    Our Premium plan offers an all-in-one software tool for small and medium businesses. It manages all your appointments, on-line sales and customer records. It provides you with a native application for iOS and Android, which can be downloaded by your customers from the Apple and Google stores. Your customers can schedule appointments or do their shopping anytime, anywhere, and you will be able to keep them engaged by sending targeted push notifications and emails.
  • What features does your on-line shop offer?
    Gowizi on-line shop offers you both web and mobile app (Premium plan) shopping facilities for your customers. All your products are at their fingertips, orders can be placed anytime, from anywhere. You can specify your available shipping and payment methods, which the customer can then select. All your products are advertised with theri pictures, regular prices and sales prices (if any). A shopping cart is provided for easy addition of products and checkout. Furthermore, you have a dashboard showing you your sales performance by time, product, etc. Our Pricing Plan provides all relevant details and prices.
  • What features does your appointment scheduler offer?
    Gowizi appointment feature offers multi-resource, multi-calendar capabilities. You can specify up to 3 service providers for a single service, and all their calendars will be updated. Bookings can be made anytime, anywhere, and can be viewed and managed from several office locations. A daily, weekly and monthly views provide you full visibility into the status of your bookings and free slots. Our Pricing Plan provides all relevant details and prices.
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