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Founded in 2016, Gowizi is the first complete one-stop-shop platform that enables businesses and organizations of any size to easily create websites and native iOS and Android apps with built-in powerful e-commerce, customer enrolment and management, appointment scheduling and integrated marketing . Designed to allow any business and entrepreneur to start an online business in just a few easy steps, Gowizi provides a range of plans to fit businesses of any size and budget to grow their customer base, keep them engaged, and increase their sales.
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Our vision is to provide small and medium businesses with all the tools required for their operation and growth in our Networked Society. Studies show that over 50% of the world population has access to the Internet. US & EU Market volume data show that:
• There are over 50 million SMBs in the US and EU alone
• Over 40% more businesses will require an app within the next 2 years
• The E-commerce market size in 2016 was $1.9 trillion
Gowizi’s platform provides this rapidly growing user base an easy to use, integrated software platform, based on the following:
• All tools are built-in (e-commerce, customer enrolment and management, appointment scheduling and integrated marketing)
• Building a website or a mobile app requires zero knowledge of code
• A selection of eye-catching templates assists the user and keeps the building process as straightforward as possible.

Uri Eli

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Uri Eli is the Chief Executive Officer of Gowizi.com. Eli held senior management positions in technology and global business groups in IoT and Smart Cities multi billion enterprises partnering with world's leading companies such as Cisco, Honeywell, TATA and Loxely. Previously, Eli served in the IAF elite technology branch. Eli holds an MSc degree in EE.

Elisha Golan

Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer

Elisha brings over 30 years of experience of working across a combination of technology and software companies to the world’s leading enterprises. Before founding Gowizi, Elisha held senior VP and GM positions in AGT international, Paragon Systems and Elbit systems.

Anatoly Khelmer

Chief Technology Officer

Anatoly is a true software superstar and solution architect. Anatoly holds a BSc degree in computer sciences, and has 15+ years of R&D experience, developing applications, e-commerce, analytics and customer management technologies.
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