Connect Your Domain to Your Website or Have a Subdomain of Gowizi

Gowizi is offering you several options to achieve your professional online presence:

  • If you already have your own domain, you can connect it to your newly created website, and it will be seen on the web bearing your own name. Gowizi will provide you FREE hosting for a whole year from the date you register with Gowizi.
  • You can have a subdomain of Gowizi, with your choice of subdomain name, in the format of: https://mydomain.gowizi.com. Hosting for this option is absolutely FREE.
  • You can use a URL generated automatically by Gowizi. This URL will be in the format: https://app.gowizi.com/app?id=5e3c145767c92a447b4a99e4a3a6b79b, which is usually used for site viewing purposes before committing to your own domain name. Hosting for this option is absolutely FREE.

For any option you choose, your hosting is secure on our cloud servers, located in Amazon’s data centers.

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