E-Commerce Website and App Builder – Create an Online Shop

Gowizi’s on-line shop is ideal for all small and medium businesses’ e-commerce activities – it offers product displays, a shopping cart, shipping and payment options, orders statistics and more. Building an on-line shop with Gowizi is immediate: you can choose a sample site from our selection of free themes, and modify the look and feel to suit your store. Applying and adapting our themes is as easy as clicking a button in the administrative settings.


Gowizi e-commerce


The main benefits and features of Gowizi’s web and mobile on-line shop are:

Multiple design options for web and mobile

A wide variety of e-commerce themes

Design your online store in seconds with our large collection of free and premium e-commerce themes, all ready to install with just a few clicks.

Customizable storefront designs

Create the site design of your dreams by customizing your e-commerce website, editing and formatting titles and texts and adding slideshows, pictures, YouTube clips, as well as your logo and Favicon.

Easily created pages, content, and forms

Each one of the themes that Gowizi provides, consists of a set of  page templates, which you can edit easily with our intuitive page editor tool. Add, delete and edit pages, design separate menus for your website and mobile application and make other design or content changes easily – no coding background is required.

Shopping cart

Convert shoppers into buyers with our user-friendly shopping cart.

Logo and Favicon

Showcase your brand by integrating your own logo and Favicon to your website and application

Mobile app shop

Mobile shop design

Once you have designed your shop, it will be automatically ready for publishing on Apple and Google stores as a native mobile application, having exactly the same features as your website, with no additional efforts.

Mobile shop advantages

Furthermore, you will be able to benefit from the advantages of the native application, such as sending push notifications, advanced GUI, improved reaction time and connection to the mobile sensors (map, etc.).

With your mobile store, you can reach your customers anytime, anywhere and expand your customer base and on-line business hours.

Online support and documentation

Gowizi provides detailed on-line and FAQs. If you’re still stuck, you can reach us by phone or email to address and resolve questions.

Room to grow

Gowizi allows you to scale up  your plan as needed. Our basic plan is FREE, with free domain hosting for a full year, allowing you to start experiencing the benefits of Gowizi without any financial commitment, and grow with us when you are satisfied.

E-Commerce Marketing

SEO-friendly e-commerce site

Use our powerful SEO tools to optimize your URLs, meta tags and image alt tags to boost rankings in Google.


Social media sharing and integrations

Customers can easily share products from your e-commerce site with their social networks, including Facebook, Twitter and more. Learn more.


Email marketing tools

Keep customers up to speed on your latest products, promotions and company news with our comprehensive, built-in email marketing suite.

Extended E-Commerce Solutions

Various product options

Fully merchandise your products with multiple photos that brilliantly showcase all the colors, sizes and textures available for an item.

Multiple currencies

Expand your site globally by accepting many types of currencies.

Payment processing made simple

By selecting PayPal and PayPal Express as our preferred payment method, you can effortlessly accept any payment from your customers with the reliability and security of the most reputable payment processing organization.

Abandoned cart reports

Instantly identify shoppers who left items in their shopping cart and send a follow-up email that entices them to return and complete their purchase.


Gowizi provides a set of dashboards with statistics allowing you to evaluate your business performance at a glance. You can see your total sales, sales per product, sales per time of day, most selling product, etc.

Security and Hosting

Site security

All communication between Gowizi’s cloud servers and your browser are encrypted and have SSL certificates. This ensures that all data transactions between the web server and browsers remain private and integral.

Reliability and availability

Our servers, and hence your data, are hosted using Amazon Web Services, ensuring robust, secure, reliable and highly available data services and integrity.

Automatic platform updates

You’ll receive immediate access to all of the latest features and technologies added to the Gowizi platform at no additional charge.

Site Speed

Gowizi’s platform is highly optimized for speed of operation. Combined with the high performance server hosting on Amazon cloud, your customers will experience a high site speed and short reaction times, which greatly enhance their user experience.

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