iOS & Android Apps

Gowizi’s Native iOS and Android Applications

Gowizi provides a real native application for mobile devices and not simply a responsive website.

During the design process of your site, you will be able to see, step-by-step, what your mobile application will look like. Once you have designed your site, it will be immediately available for uploading to Apple and Google stores (pending the store’s approval process).

Gowizi’s native apps excell in terms of quality, speed, and opportunity to use various capabilities of the smartphone and other systems.

The advantages of native apps as oppsed to responsive websites are obvious:

Internet Connection Not Always Necessary

Your users won’t necessarily need an Internet connection in order to use your product. Once the app has been downloaded, it’s stored directly on their device, so they will be able to access it in every context.

Better Performance

Native apps solve the problem of loading times, as native elements are designed specifically with mobile performance in mind. They are much lighter, much faster, and tend to provide a much better user experience.

Increased Functionality

Your native app will be able to access all of the mobile device’s functions because the app is installed on it and works in conjunction with its various tools. This mean a better experience for your users, as well as an increase in the services your business can offer through your app.

Enhanced Security for Users

When using an app, your business handles the connection without third party intervention. This means users are less exposed.

Brand Awareness and Accessibility

Responsive web requires users to go a long way to find you. They have to think of your brand, open the mobile navigator, type your website’s domain or, even worse, Google it, and then wait for the browser to load before accessing your content. Worst of all, users must repeat the entire process each time they want to connect with your business.
With your native app, your customers will only have to think of you once. Then, after the app has been downloaded, you will be on their screens and minds every time they use their smartphone.

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