Search engine SEO

Best SEO with Gowizi

Gowizi’s websites are built on Google technology and platform, which gives a great on-page Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In every page created with Gowizi, you can add SEO-oriented titles and keys, to help Google users find your site easily, and help Google rank you higher on their search list.

In order to optimize your site for Google search with Gowizi’s support, it is recommended that you implement the following:

Page Meta Tags

Your meta tags or title, description and keywords, are what people see while searching in Google, and they are probably their first thing people read about your business. Make sure that your title and description contain the relevant keywords that your audience will use when searching for you.
Using Gowizi’s Page Editor, click on the SEO tab of your page, and enter a title including your business name and location. Your page description should stay under 160 characters and include relevant keywords and phrases about your business.


People are likely to remember your business easier if you have a unique domain name. With Gowizi, you can use a Gowizi subdomain with a name of your preference, or, if you already have your own domain, connect it with the website created with Gowizi. .

Heading Tags and Description

A header, or title, at the top of each page on your site summarizes what your page is all about. Make sure your page name and page description represents in brief what to expect when reading this page.

Keywords in Content

Your website page should contain keywords relevant to your business activities. Gowizi makes it easy to customize your website’s content accordingly. The best keywords for you can be found by using tools available on the Internet.

Text Hyperlinks

Your SEO can be greatly improved by linking to other pages in your site, or linking to other sites and getting other sites to link to yours. Text hyperlinks with a clear description of their destination link will give your visitors an enhanced dynamic experience.

Native Mobile Applications

With Gowizi, you can also create native iOS and Android applications for mobile devices. Your site design will look great on any device and rank higher in Google’s mobile search. Google values great user experience when determining search results, and native mobile app will rank your website even better.

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