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Gowizi Domains

Gowizi domains submenu is accessed by hovering on Settings on the side bar menu, and clicking on Domains:

Gowizi domains submenu

Gowizi generates fully responsive applications, as well as a fully responsive website, based on the design of the application.
Once your design is finished and you are satisfied with the results, you can publish it as a fully functional website for a modest fee, even if you do not wish to upload your application to the Google or Apple stores. A completely FREE plan is also available. Please check our offered Pricing Plans for further details.

When you select the website menu, you will see the following display:

Gowizi domains - select your domain

You can simply cut and paste the displayed URL into your favorite browser, and you will see your design as a website with a Gowizi subdomain.
In case you want to have your site operate under your own domain, click Set your domain.

You will be asked to define your domain name:
You can either specify your own domain name in the relevant field, or stay with the Gowizi subdomain as described above.

Gowizi domains - enter domain name

To save your settings, click Add domain.

If you enter your own domain name, the system will display the following message, with instructions how to link your newly designed website to the domain’s name:

Gowizi domains - set up your domain
1. Log in to your domain service provider account
2. Set your CNAME record to app.gowizi.com

To save your settings, click Done.

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