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Appointment settings

On the side bar menu, hover on Calendar manager and click on Calendar settings:

Main menu

The Appointments submenu has six tabs:

General: Provides selection switches to enable/disable the appointments menu, and to specify other general appointment related parameters.

Roles: Define the types of roles (or professions) in your business.
Services: Specify the provided services provided by your business. Each service has specific roles associated with it.
Classes: Define the types of classes which are provided by your business.
Resources: Specify the resources available for delivering the services.
Memberships: Define the types of available subscriptions or prepaid cards.

These selections are described in detail below.
You can also change the name of the Appointments menu, and the new name will be displayed in your apps menu.


The following appointment related settings can be defined here:

Enable appointments: If set to Off, online users will not be able to book appointments. The office operator will always be able to make bookings, in any switch position.

User ID display on calendar: Define what user identifier will be displayed on the calendar for a specific appointment. Available selections can be email, name or any other parameter defined in the customer’s card metadata. Default setting is email.

Week start day: Depending on your country’s policies, the week’s display on the calendar can start on a Monday, Sunday or Saturday.

Default calendar view: Select the default calendar presentation (daily, weekly or monthly). This will define the format of the display to be presented upon selection of the calendar. You can then switch between the presentation formats by clicking the applicable button on-screen.


The roles submenu lets you define the types of roles (or professions) in your business. An illustration of typical roles is shown in the following figure:

You can edit or delete a role by clicking on the corresponding link.

To add a new role, press Add New. The roles screen will open:

Appointment settings - Role input

Specify the name of the role (required), and an optional description. When done, click Done. To discard the operation, click Cancel.


In the Services submenu you can see a list of all the services which you have defined for your business.
You can Edit or Delete a service, or add a new one (Add New).

You add or edit a service using the following service definition screen:

To describe a service offered by your business, enter the details as follows:

Active: You can disable a service (will not show in the application). The contents will not be erased, so that you will be able to activate it anytime you wish in the future.

Name: Name of the service (short)

Duration: time slot for each session (e.g. lesson, treatment, consultation, etc.)

Color: The color identifying this service. This color will facilitate distinguishing between services on a crowded calendar.

Description: A longer description of the specifics of the offered service

Appointment restrictions: When checked, you can add restrictions such as minimum cancellation time ahead of the appointment. These restriction are further detailed below.

Free service: If checked, this service is defined as free of charge. No payment requests will be made for this service.

Roles: A list of the roles associated with this service.  You can select the roles from a drop down list, containing all the roles which have been defined in the Roles submenu. A role can be deleted by pressing its delete icon. A role can be added by clicking on the Add role link at the bottom of the input frame.

At least one role must be left for each service.

Add role: Add a new role associated with this service.

Manage resource types: Opens the roles menu, allowing to add/delete the roles.

Appointment restrictions
When the Appointment restrictions checkbox is ticked, the following expanded display is shown:

Appointment settings - restrictions

The restriction specify time limit policies:

  • How close to the service can you still schedule
  • Until when do you allow the customer to cancel the reservation without penalty (i.e. how many hours before the scheduled time)
  • For how long ahead is the calendar open.

Access: Is this service available to the general public (i.e. can be booked by all users) or is it private (can be booked only by the office operator).

Always click Save to save your entries.


The definition of a class is very similar to the definition of a service described above, with the additional parameter of the number of participants:


A resource is a person or a facility employed by you for delivering a service.

A person can be for example an instructor or a medical practitioner. A facility can be for example a certain device, tool, room, etc. which is allocated to a certain service.

For each resource you can Edit its details, define its regular Working Hours or specify some Special Days of extended or limited availability.
You can delete a resource by clicking Delete, or add a resource by clicking Add new

Working Hours can be specified for each day of the week, for each resource. You can specify several working period for every day.

To change start or end time, click on the button at the beginning or the end of the blue slider, and drag it to the desired position.

Adding periods is done by clicking the + sign on the right end of the bar. This will insert a new default time slot, which can be edited by dragging its extremities to the desired position (=time).

Appointment settings - working hours for a resource

Click Save to save your changes or cancel to discard.

Special Days are defined by selecting a date, and entering the start time and end time for that specific date.

Define the working hours on the specified date:


Click Save to save your changes.


Memberships are defined as types of prepayments, which can be made by your customers, in order to receive or participate in activites for a certain duration or for a specific number of times.

Gowizi allows you to define two types of memberships:

Subscriptions: entitle the owner to participate in all specified activities for a certain period of time.

Prepaid cards: entitle to owner to participate in specified activities for a certain number of occurrences or for a certain period.

To add a new membership, click Add New. An existing membership can be activated or deactivated by sliding its on/off switch. A membership can by edited or deleted by clicking on the corresponding icon.

The process of defining a membership is described in detail in the Memberships page.

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