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Appointments – Gowizi

The appointments function of Gowizi provides an advanced scheduling tool, allowing your customers to schedule appointments with your business or purchase prepaid cards and subscriptions 24/7.

Our State-of-the-art software provides all functionalities required for the daily operation of your business, including reservations, on-line shopping, customer management, a web site with domain hosting, a mobile application or iOS and Android, etc., all fully integrated into a single system. Our flexible pricing plans will allow you to start for free, and grow with us as your business expands.

The appointments can be defined for certain resources (which are actually your specialists or employees, identified by their names) or services (such as a type of treatment, the use of a certain facility, etc.).

Each service has a definition of the roles associated with it. Roles can be for example instructor, therapist, doctor, etc.

Up to three roles can be allocated to a certain service, allowing you to define multi-role services (for example: a certain dental treatment [=service] requires the participation of a dentist and a nurse [=roles]. When such a service is requested from a certain resource, all associated calendars will be updated when an appointment is set. If the resource is not available for the requested time slot, a suggestion list will be displayed, allowing you to select alternative times.

Once you log in into the system and activate the Edit app menu, you can set your appointment policies and calendars and view your orders through the Appointment menu, which  gives you access to managing the following submenus:

  • Calendar: The main operating screen for appointments. It lets you schedule new appointments, and provides an overview of all appointments made for every resource or service
  • Appointment settings: Enable/disable certain settings
  • Orders: Overview of the status of orders which have been received


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