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Customer Registration Form

The menu Side bar->Customers->Customer registration form serves to define personalized data for your customers, based on your business policies.

Every customer record has default fields, predefined by the system. The default customer record fields are as shown in the Customer details form shown above.

To add another field to the customer record format, select Add new. The following Customer registration form will be displayed:

Customer registration form

You can choose the type of the field to be added out of a selection list:

Customer registration form - add fields

Other inputs are:

Label: a label of the field, will be displayed above this field

Placeholder: a text which will appear inside the input field, explaining shortly what is the contents of this field

Required: if checked, the field is defined as required, meaning that data entry of the final form will not be permitted unless this field is defined.

Data validation: As an option, the data of the field can be validated as being in the format of one of the following types:

Customer registration form

Once the validation parameter has been specified, a validation type can be selected:

Customer registration form - data validation

You can add several validation types for a field. If (for example: Min length X and Max length Y will specify an entry which is between X and Y). The limit values are entered in the field next to the type:

Customer registration form - data validation parameters

You can now add another field (click Add item) delete a Data validation type (click on the red x), add a validation option, or save your entries and exit.

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