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Customer Management

Gowizi customer management feature will help you create, maintain and edit a customers database, which will greatly enhance your customer relationships.

At the core of Gowizi’s customer management is the customer database, containing customer cards.

The customer cards give customer-facing staff detailed information on customers’ personal information, purchase history, buying preferences and concerns. By using this database, you will be able to deliver a cross-channel customer experience that is consistent and reliable.

Customer rewards program

By keeping track of your customers’ habits, you will be able to offer them loyalty rewards. It is widely accepted that it is much easier and far less costly for a company to retain existing customers than to engage new ones. Gowizi’s customer database reports will help you appropriately compensate customers who keep returning for your products or services.

Summary of features

All visitors’ interactions will be available within your database, enabling you to make smart and immediate follow-up actions:

  • Invite for an appointment
  • Schedule a follow-up call
  • Send an email or push notifications

All customers who interacted with your business either through the website or through your mobile application, will have their appointment or shopping transactions recorded in once place. You will be ale to:

  • Send immediate Mobile push notifications to selected customers
  • Easily search and review customer’s details, notes, appointments, invoices and payments
  • Mark customers for follow-up, request payment or scheduler appointments


Customer records are accessed from the side bar menu Customers:

Customer management menu



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