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Gowizi Website and Mobile eCommerce

Gowizi eCommerce tools provide you with a complete set of functions for managing your on-line shop and letting your customers perform purchases 24/7.

Gowizi’s on-line shop is ideal for the small and medium businesses – it offers product displays, a shopping cart, shipping and payment options, orders statistics and more. Building an on-line shop with Gowizi is immediate: you can choose a sample site from our selection of free themes, and modify the look and feel to suit your store. Applying and adapting our themes is as easy as clicking a button in the administrative settings.

Gowizi’s web and mobile ecommerce  provides additional details regarding the advanced features and advantages of Gowizi.

Once you log in into the system and activate the Edit app menu, you can set your shop’s policies and products and view your orders through the Shop menu, which  gives you access to managing the following submenus:

  • Orders: tracking your orders and their status (pending, sent, delivered, etc.)
  • Products: a catalog of your products, including photos, descriptions and pricing
  • Shop settings: define your shop policies, shipping and payment methods, addresses, etc.


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