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To start or edit your online shop by defining or editing your products. On the side bar menu, hover on Shop and click on Products:

Gowizi online shop

Inventory list

A summary list of all your products is presented here.

Gowizi online shop

You can activate/deactivate a product by sliding the selector to either On or Off. Deactivating will hide the product from the shop, without affecting the contents. You can activate the product again anytime you wish.
The details of each product in this summary include:
Product Name, Available Units, Price, Sale Price.
If you activate the Manage inventory feature in the Product details page (see below), Gowizi will keep track of your inventory, and every time a sell is effectuated, the number of available units will be reduced accordingly.
In this menu you can Delete a product from your inventory,  Edit its details, or duplicate it for further editing (in case of similar products), saving you the need to re-enter all products specifics.

Add/Edit product details

Product information is entered or edited in the screen shown below:

Gowizi online shop

Further product details are entered or edited in the screens shown below:

Gowizi online shop

In addition to the usual product details (Name, Description, SKU, Price), you can also define the following:
Active: activate or deactivate a product (without deleting it from your database)
Sale On/Off: enable / disable a sale deal for this product. If On, the sale price will be displayed in the application next to the regular price
Tier prices: you can specify special prices for certain groups of customers, which are defined in the Customer groups menu (accessible from the side bar menu).
Manage inventory: you can tell Gowizi whether to manage your stock (keep track of inventory and subtract sole items) or not.

Categories are definitions for groups of products you can create, to facilitate search engines find an item. You can add categories, and assign the product to one or more categories by checking the corresponding tick box.
You can add one or several images for each product. Simply click Add Image and select the image you want to be displayed.

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