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Shop Settings

On the side bar menu, hover on Shop and click on Shop settings:

Online shop

Selecting Shop settings will display the following screen:

Online shop

The shop can be enabled / disabled by sliding the On/Off switch next to Shop status. This will temporarily disable shopping activities without affecting the contents of the shop. You can reactivate the shop anytime, by sliding back to the On position.

You can select the shipping methods (one or several) which are applicable to your shop, by setting the corresponding switches On or Off:

Global shipping costs: shipping costs will be added once to all items shipped to the same address (consolidated shipping)
In-store pickup: allows customers to pick up their orders at your store (no shipping costs added)
Shipping cost per item: shipping costs will be added to every shipped item.

When you activate a Global or Per item shipping method, you will be asked to enter the corresponding cost. When you activate In-store pickup you will be asked to define the physical address from which the goods can be collected:

Online shop

Other details which you can add are your shop’s policies: Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, and Refund/Cancellation policy.
You can type your conditions into the relevant editor areas, paste them from another source or generate a template from Gowizi’s samples, then edit them using the editor function:

Online shop

Once satisfied, click Save to save your changes and exit.

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