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Engage Your Customers

Sending email and push notifications are a powerful marketing promotion tool, allowing you to engage your customers, attract their attention and provide them new offers.

Gowizi provides you two types of notifications:

Push notifications:  push notifications are a way to speak directly to your registered customer. They can remind customers to use an app, whether the app is open or not. They can also be used to drive actions, such as:

  • Promoting products or offers to increase sales
  • Improving customer experience
  • Driving users to other marketing channels, such as social networks

Push notifications can be sent once or repeatedly. Repeated notifications can be sent at specific times and dates, between dates or for a predefined number of occurrences.

Email notifications: email notifications are used to communicate events to your customers, including:

  • Confirmation of bookings, cancellations and schedule changes
  • Messages regarding the account, such as registration, password recovery, etc.
  • Messages on shopping activities: order created, order status, cancellation etc.
  • Status of memberships

Access these options by hovering on Engage your customers on the side bar menu, then clicking the required option.

Engage your customers menu

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