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Log In / Sign UP

This section describes how to log in / sign up into Gowizi’s administrator application, allowing you to build your online appointment scheduler, shop, website and mobile application.

Once your site is set up and published, your customer can register and perform online activities such as booking appointments and shopping.

Log In

Once you log in into the Gowizi admin site (https://app.gowizi.com), you will be presented with the following login screen:

Gowizi sign up

Enter your user name and password if you already have an account and want to create your application (or edit an existing one). Alternately, you can log in with your Facebook credentials.

If you forgot your password, you can click on the Forgot your password? link. Your password will be emailed to the address which you have specified while signing up.

Sign Up

If you haven’t signed up already you will need to register a new account. You will be requested to fill-in your registration details:

Gowizi sign up

User Name:                  provide a user name (required)
Email:                             enter your email address. The account must be a valid, active email address. This is a required field, by which Gowizi will recognize you.

Telephone Number: a valid contact phone number
Password:                     your password for Gowizi (required)

When you are ready, click on Complete Registration.  The system validates your entries, and creates a new account for you.

Create New App

By logging in, you will start the process of designing a new application/website, or editing an existing one. You can create as many applications as you wish under the same account.

The main control screen for designing, editing or deleting applications is shown below.

Gowizi sign up

To create a new App, click on the corresponding control (on the the top right corner of the screen, or under My Apps in the middle of the screen).

To view all applications registered under your user name, click on View all applications.

Editing an existing application is initiated by clicking Edit App icon, within the container of the specific application you wish to edit. This container includes other shortcuts which will allow you a quick access to the Dashboard, Shop, Notifications and Settings of thee specific application.

Deleting an existing application is done by clicking on the Delete button,

You can also close an application by clicking the Close button. This action will take the application off the air (meaning that users will not be able to access it). All data related to this application remains unchanged, and you will be able to reactivate the application at any desired time in the future.

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