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User Definitions

Gowizi’s user definitions let you specify your user’s profile and to assign roles and permissions for the use of Gowizi’s administration system to your coworkers.

User’s Profile

The user’s profile lets you enter or edit your personal details to the administration system.
After logging in, click on the User name in the top right corner of the screen, then on Edit profile to open the user details menu.

Gowizi user definitions

The specifics you define as your profile, are:
User, Email, Phone, Password, Company Information.
To confirm each entry, click Save.

Gowizi user definitions


Since several users can have access to the system, a comprehensive authorization mechanism is provided.
Only a Super User can define the permissions, specifying who is allowed to see what in the administrative system.
Click on the User name, then on Permissions to open the Permissions menu.

Gowizi user definitions

Defining Roles

You can define several roles in the system, which will in turn specify the authorization levels associated with them.

Gowizi user definitions
Once the roles are defined, they can be assigned to the various users. Each user can access only the information which has been authorized for access according to his/hers specified role.
To start the specification of a new role, select the Roles tab, then click Add new.

The authorizations for a specific role are defined using this menu.

Gowizi user definitions

Role name is the name you allocate to the role you are defining.
The menu tree shows all applications belonging to the current user.
Clicking the + sign next to the application’s name will expand the various functions included in the application.
Enabling access to a function is achieved by selecting the tick box next to the function’s name.
If you enable the box next to App, then all the subordinate functions will be enabled.
If you enable the box next to a function’s name (e.g. Shop), then all its subordinate functions will be enabled.
This authorization mechanism allows you to define very accurately what precise functions you allow each role to access.

Assigning Authorizations

User are defined by their email addresses. To add a new user, select the Users tab, then click Add new:

Gowizi user definitions

A User Access Details screen will open, requesting you to enter all the relevant personal details of the new user.

Gowizi user definitions

You assign a role to this user by selecting it from a selection list under Role. The list contains all the roles which have been previously defined (see above).

You can cancel your entries by clicking Cancel, or confirm and store by clicking Submit.

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